My name is Sophia Carey and I’ve been working as Pixiepot Designs since February of 2013, exploring fields such as logo design, branding, digital art, traditional art, photography and print design, among others. This portfolio is a showcase of just a selection of my work.

In the past, I have worked on a variety of projects. For example, I consider branding to be a strong suite of mine and one that I am constantly developing. In the past I have designed logos for a range of businesses and organisations alongside collateral material to create interesting and beautiful brand identities.

My passion originated in illustration and I still offer personal portraits and illustrations as well as artworks featuring my own personal characters. I work both traditionally (paper, pencil, pen, paint, etc.) and digitally (painting and drawing using Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI, etc.).

The designing of magazines (spreads and covers), posters, album artwork, and other print design is also something I offer.

I pride myself in offering a service based on thorough communication and ensuring that my clients are offered the best products. For examples of what a few of my past customers have said, read my testimonials.

If interested, you can contact me in regards to commissions via my contact page.



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